Residential Radon Mitigation – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Residential Radon Mitigation for Kalamazoo, Michigan

Residential Radon Mitigation KalamazooWith a problem like radon in your home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you don’t want a novice company or a contractor unfamiliar with radon mitigation. In Kalamazoo, Michigan you need a certified, licensed residential radon mitigation company with years of experience in the industry.

Being an odorless gas, radon is not detectable by the human senses. It occurs naturally in the earth’s soil, but its radioactive properties cause cancer. Radon can enter a Kalamazoo, Michigan home through cracks in the foundation or basement. The imbalance of air pressure between indoors and out means your home is a vacuum, sucking in the radon from even small openings.

Does radon enter a Kalamazoo, Michigan home in other ways?

Yes, radon can also enter Kalamazoo, Michigan homes through the water supply. If your home uses well water, consider having it tested for radon, even if your home’s air quality tests at safe levels. Radon in the soil can be carried into a home if the water comes in contact with a pocket of radon in the underground water table. Exposure to radon then occurs every time your family uses water.

Residential radon mitigation – at least the services that are effective – involves much more than a simple cover-up job to repair the cracks. In general, radon mitigation in Kalamazoo, Michigan involves an equalization of air pressure in your home. When properly abated, the indoor air quality in your Kalamazoo, Michigan home will return to safe levels. Waterborne radon mitigation depends on how much radon is in the water, so it is imperative that the residential radon mitigation specialist use specific EPA-approved tests.

Put your money where it will go the farthest in Kalamazoo, Michigan – the most effective radon mitigation service performed the first time is what our company provides. For a licensed, certified, experienced residential radon mitigation contractor in Kalamazoo, Michigan, start your search here.