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Oct 09, 2013 by Charlotte M.

Very professional, work done quickly. Installer worked quietly and quickly and did a very good job. Explained everything well.


Jul 16, 2013 by Frank P.

I have an older home with a Michigan basement. The technician who came to my home was very through in his evaluation and able to install the radon mitigation system with great efficiency. I was very pleased with the results both aesthetically and functionally. I tested my radon levels a week after the install and they came back at 1.3 when the original level was 11!

Excellent Employees at SWAT Environmental

May 29, 2013 by Debra R

From the first contact with your company - the gentleman on the phone was the ultimate professional. The installer was equally top-notch. I was so impressed with the overall process and practice only to be excelled by the professionalism and attitude of the employees. When I asked, "how did the installation go?" - he replied, "Perfect!". I think this is the first time I've experienced both competence and confidence in a service situation. Thanks for hiring the right people.

System Looks Good!

Mar 25, 2013 by Dave P.

Thank you kindly SWAT! The radon system looks excellent and is doing the job!

Great Experience

Mar 25, 2013 by Daniel W.

It would be convenient if SWAT Environmental accepted cash payment for their services. Other than that, the entire experience was great.

Response: For the safety of our technicians, SWAT Environmental requires that all payments for services be paid by Check or Credit Card. Thank you so much for your feedback!
SWAT Environmental

Willing to Work With Us

Mar 05, 2013 by Amy R.

SWAT Environmental\'s Customer Service Rep was very willing to work with our crazy schedule in scheduling installation. The SWAT Technician installed the unit and was very professional and knowledgeable. He completed his work quickly and cleaned up before he left. We would recommend SWAT to others when the need arises.

Response: Thank you!
SWAT Environmental

Detailed Oriented

Mar 05, 2013 by Ryan M.

My SWAT Environmental radon system installer was extremely hard working, professional and very detailed oriented. He wiped my floors down after installation and cleaned up nicely.

Mr. Fix It

Mar 05, 2013 by Rex H.

SWAT Environmental's Radon Technician was great...very knowledgeable and explained the process very well..tried to fix the fact that the system had to go in a very unsightly area due to window constraints. However, EPA guidelines did not permit much flexibility. Great job overall!

Made me happy!

Dec 10, 2012 by Tonya S.

I could not be happier with the service provided by SWAT Environmental. When I called to set up an appointment for a quote, I found out that it wasn't even necessary. The Customer Service Rep gave it to me over the phone...guaranteed out the door price! Plus, she explained to me to the letter how the process of installation was done. It only took half a day once the technician came, and our radon level dropped to a safe level within 48 hours. Thanks again SWAT!


Nov 23, 2012 by Carl P.

The SWAT Environmental team is top-notch. The technicians took the steps to reduce dust and dirt and spoke with both the buyer and seller with knowledge and the best practical advice. They were very efficient with their time spent on the job site.

S.W.A.T. Environmental - A Division of Air Quality Control Agency 269-382-3630 - Kalamazoo MI, 49009 USA 4.7 5.0 27 27 Very professional, work done quickly. Installer worked quietly and quickly and did a very good job. Explained everything well.